Our Goal

The goal of Fastercare is to provide our patients with excellent walk-in healthcare services. We understand our patients’ time is valuable therefore strive to provide fast, friendly, and courteous services without sacrificing high standards of care. Here at Fastercare we strive to provide exceptional quality healthcare services to our patients in a Faster, Friendlier, Better environment.

Meet Our Team of Medical Providers

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How Are We Different?

We understand that the need for healthcare services can occur at any time therefore provide our patients with flexible evening and weekend hours without requiring appointments. Fastercare is an urgent care facility that is capable of diagnosing and treating a wide range of problems.

We also recognize our patients’ need for quality healthcare without excessive costs. Fastercare does not charge an additional “facility fee” on top of services received, nor do we charge ER rates. Regardless of diagnosis, patients can expect one statement and one statement only. We accept most major health insurances and will work with patients to reduce the headaches associated with handling their medical claims. As a courtesy to our patients, Fastercare also offers a prompt payment discount for patients with or without insurance who choose to pay in full at the time of service. For added convenience we accept cash and most major credit cards.