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When most patients think of an urgent care center or an emergency room, it conjures up many negative feelings. Such negative feelings can be attributed to inferior care quality, high costs, and the long wait time. Fastercare combines all the positive aspects of an urgent care facility and those of an emergency room to deliver patients the best of both worlds. Fastercare is an urgent care center that is outfitted with state of the art medical equipment capable of diagnosing a wide range of medical problems much like any emergency room. While providing the same high quality services Fastercare does not charge patients the high cost of what is deemed as a "facility fee" on top of services received and we do not charge patients their ER co-pays. Most importantly Fastercare is staffed with knowledgeable Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physicians whose combined experiences in local ERs exceed 40 years. Rest assured that our team of Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physicians are knowledgeable on all aspects of emergency medicine and will treat your concerns as seriously as you do. Our clean, comfortable, and child friendly waiting area makes your wait a lot less painful. Our efficient medical team reduces wait time and once seen you will be treated with the highest standard of care from our professional medical staff members. What are you waiting for? One visit to our facility will forever change the way you feel about access to urgent/emergent medical service!
Doctors Ho, Lew and Yang are all Board Certified in Emergency Medicine whose combined experience in North Dallas emergency departments exceeds 30 years. They graduated from highly regarded medical programs from across the United States.

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                 SAT & SUN 9 AM – 6 PM

4011 East Renner Rd, Suite #110 Richardson, TX 75082